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Month: July 2018

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Digital transformation journey: Phase three

Phase 3 Explained Laserfiche has been driving innovation within businesses using the Digital Transformation Model. Wherever your organisation is on its journey, this guide will provide the necessary insights into digitally transforming your business. The third phase of DTM is about automating and eliminating inefficient processes. You may be relying on inefficient, manual processes that…
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The digital transformation journey: Phase two

Phase 2 Explained Laserfiche developed a Digital Transformation Model to provide you with a strategic roadmap to the solutions you are seeking. This framework identifies the five phases every organisation should progress through on the way to becoming a digital workplace. Phase two of the Digital Transformation Model (DTM) is all about: * Categorising and…
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The digital transformation journey: Phase one

Phase 1 Explained Laserfiche, a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has launched the Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model, a framework for organisations to develop efficient digital workplaces. The model highlights five strategic phases of digital transformation, outlining the challenges, actionable steps and benefits for completing each phase and future-proofing an organisation. Digitising your…
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