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Business evolution: how to adapt and survive

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Business evolution: how to adapt and survive

Business Evolution: How to adapt and survive

Did you know that the top 10 in-demand jobs in 2013 did not exist in 2004? How about that there are 10 billion searches on Google every month? It is estimated that a week’s worth of New York Times contains more information that a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century.

We live in the information age, which according to Wikipedia is a period in human history characterised by the shift from industrial production to one based on information and computerisation. Nothing unexpected there, except for the idea that this is “a period in human history” – which tends to suggest it will come to an end at some point.

The industrial revolution in the late nineteenth century lead in the industrial age, and the digital revolution in the mid-twentieth century drove the development of the information age. Times are once again changing with the rapid mass adoption of smart devices running on platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. With this, the next technology revolution has arrived. To survive, organisations have to embrace this change.

The key to success lies in our capacity to deal with this change (at an individual and organisational level), which depends on our willingness to accept change and to respond at lightning speed. In order to do this, leaders must understand that the methods and solutions used to impart operational knowledge must change as fast as the environment changes that threaten their sustainability. Agility and a short response time are thus crucial to survival.

The fundamental problem with bringing about organisational change is that people want things to stay exactly as they were. As leaders, it is essential to recognise that many within the organisation have an aversion to change. Helping them to confront the inevitable with confidence and enthusiasm is a critical part of a 21st century leader’s job.

The benefits of this agility will result in higher revenues, more satisfied customers and employees, improved operational efficiency, and a faster time to market. In order to do this you need to put systems in place to gather and share the information required to spot opportunities and then build these processes to translate corporate priorities into focused action.

Noscotek acknowledges that the world we live in is changing at a rapid pace. And this change, in turn, is creating a huge demand for better technology solutions. It has some of the most skilled experts in software solutions when it comes to managing documents and business processes. It understands that cutting-edge solutions that define the future are not built by asking the usual questions. We don’t find them on the tried and tested path. From our experience, we know that it takes imagination, perseverance, and courage to innovate.

Noscotek is able to provide relevant, creative and simple solutions for its customers’ complex needs. Whether you want to move to paperless technologies, improve on business processes, automate repetitive tasks or integrate various systems, it will be able to assist with a full turnkey function. It approaches integration projects head-on using its own in-house team of software developers and believes that simpler is always better. Its unique combination of strong management focus, breadth of capabilities, and flexibility in engagement is what makes its customer relationships a success… It’s affordable, easily deployed and renders immediate benefits and savings.

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