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    How to design your first Laserfiche Workflow

    Laserfiche Solution Contributed by: Amy Johnson, Systems Administrator, Hanover County As the Systems Administrator in the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office, I designed and implemented the department’s workflows myself. (The IT department at Hanover County only provides support.) Here are some of my strategies for planning, designing and implementing your very first Laserfiche Workflow. “I […]

  • Digital transformation journey: Phase four

    Phase 4 Explained The Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model helps businesses discover the ultimate roadmap to guide them along the path of digital transformation. The DTM is made up of five phases to help you get through the process of transforming your business into a digital workplace. Phase four is about gaining more visibility into your […]

  • Digital transformation journey: Phase three

    Phase 3 Explained Laserfiche has been driving innovation within businesses using the Digital Transformation Model. Wherever your organisation is on its journey, this guide will provide the necessary insights into digitally transforming your business. The third phase of DTM is about automating and eliminating inefficient processes. You may be relying on inefficient, manual processes that […]

  • The digital transformation journey: Phase two

    Phase 2 Explained Laserfiche developed a Digital Transformation Model to provide you with a strategic roadmap to the solutions you are seeking. This framework identifies the five phases every organisation should progress through on the way to becoming a digital workplace. Phase two of the Digital Transformation Model (DTM) is all about: * Categorising and […]

  • The digital transformation journey: Phase one

    Phase 1 Explained Laserfiche, a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has launched the Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model, a framework for organisations to develop efficient digital workplaces. The model highlights five strategic phases of digital transformation, outlining the challenges, actionable steps and benefits for completing each phase and future-proofing an organisation. Digitising your […]

  • Noscotek Partnering with LAWtrust to enable digital contract signing in SA

    LAWtrust and Noscotek are announcing their integrative partnership LAWtrust and Noscotek are announcing their integrative partnership, streamlining contract management with the ability to sign documents using LAWtrust’s digital signing technology. LAWtrust enables advanced electronic signatures under the Electronic Communications Act, and using Laserfiche, it is now able to bring enhanced solutions to its customers. LAWtrust […]

  • How to utilize the POPI act as a long-term benefit to your organization

    According to the World Economic Forum, “one of the greatest individual challenges posed by new information technologies is privacy”.   We all understand why the “Protection of Personal Information” is so essential, as the tracking and sharing of personal information is a cornerstone of this connectivity era. It is crucial that we are all cognizant […]

  • Noscotek and its customers walk away with awards from the Laserfiche Empower 2017 Conference

    Laserfiche – a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions – welcomed a record 3 000 attendees to its Empower 2017 Conference in February at the Long Beach Convention Center in California. The conference is the premier event for the ECM industry, and brings together Laserfiche users, resellers and technology experts to network, learn about the latest trends and […]

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    Noscotek and its customers come home with awards from Laserfiche’s Empower 2016 Conference

    Noscotek, with a group of their South African Laserfiche resellers and customers had the privilege to attend the Laserfiche Empower 2016 conference in Long Beach, California this January. It was among 2 700 other Laserfiche customers from around the world that were taking part in the company’s annual training and networking event. From left: Mike Re, […]