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  • Powerful Form Creation Software

    doForms provides you with the most powerful yet easy-to-use web-based form creation software available. You don’t need to be a specialist to use it

Building a mobile form has never been this easy. Start with one of our free industry-specific form templates or have us custom build your first form for free.

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doForms requires only a web browser and a mobile device to get started. Use the hosted doForms web portal to build forms, manage users, view data and generate reports. Forms can be built in under an hour and uploaded on your mobile devices in seconds! doForms is currently available on iOS, Android and from your desktop or mobile browser.

Go far beyond your paper form, Excel spreadsheet or PDF document. doForms lets you easily integrate powerful features right into your mobile forms.

  • doForms Dispatch

    Dispatch work to employees

    Dispatch mobile forms containing critical job details to mobile workers in real-time. With the doForms Dispatch module, you know exactly when the device received the form and when your employee viewed it. You can even capture GPS location information at the same time.

  • doForms barcode scanner

    Scan barcodes

    doForms uses your mobile device to scan barcodes and read NFC tags. You can even use bluetooth handheld laser scanners. With doForms scanning,  you can scan a product, automatically find the product record, and update all relevant fields seamlessly.

  • doForms paper

  • 21

    Average grams of CO2 produced during the lifecycle of one sheet of A4 size office paper

doForms Invoice tables

Integrate price books into forms with self-calculating invoice tables

Make sure your pricing is always up-to-date and in the hands of all of your customer-facing employees. With doForms you can change a price with a single click of a button, updating every mobile device automatically. Product data can easily be built right into the form. Pick a product and doForms fills in the price. Enter the quantity and doForms does the calculating for you, including tax and shipping.

  • doForms trees

  • 80500

    Average number of A4 size office paper sheets produced from one tree

  • doForms Sync and Save

    Try doForms out for 30 days, no strings attached. We’ll have you building forms in no time!

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  • Integration is made Easy with Sync and Save

    doForms powerful form building technology enables the collection of field data accurately and quickly. And, with Sync & Save you can now bring data back into your legacy systems quickly and seamlessly. With Sync & Save two-way data sharing has never been easier.

    Sync and Save Features

    • Flexible export format configuration using drag-and-drop
    • Output directly to databases, accounting packages, CRMs, sales systems and more
    • Download media files (pictures, videos, audio clips, signatures, sketches)
    • Automatically upload Lookup Table data from Access, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, QuickBooks, SharePoint, SalesForce.com or ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) sources
    • Schedule regular updates
    • Calculate values
    • Keep your system up-to-date even if edits are made to a form after it is submitted
    • Dispatch forms to users based on Access, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, SalesForce.com or ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) sources

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    Robust data collection tool suite with data integration and secure mobile user management.

    • Website Storage 5GB per device
    • Full Support
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    Allocate work in real-time and track employee and job activity with rich two-way communications.

    • Website Storage 10GB per Device
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Noscotek is an authorised doForms distributor for South Africa. Visit their website for more information.