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Laserfiche Solutions Provider

We have specialised server hosting packages from as little as Rto cater for your specific needs. Hosting includes OS licenses, backups, anti-virus, public IP, VPN connection, managed firewall and more. Contact us for a quotation.

Cloud Server

  • Built on industry leading DELL networking, servers & storage hardware
  • Built on VMware vSphere hypervisor software
  • Powerful Intel Xeon Gold & Platinum 6XXX CPU’s
  • Scale from 1GB to 1TB of RAM
  • Scale from 10GB to ~ of storage
  • Scale from 1vCPU to 32 vCPU’s
  • Cost per Cloud Server (VM)
    • T-Shirt Sizes
  • 2 Tiers of Storage (10K, SSD)
  • Choose your OS and Microsoft Apps
  • No Set-up Fees

Managed Backup

  • Backup Managed Service of your Cloud Server or vDC
  • Powered by Veeam
  • Unlimited Restores
  • Standard 21 day retention included
  • You get the advantage of compression and de-duplication
  • Daily backups
  • Customised retention periods available
  • Granular Restores
  • Offsite backups are optional
  • Software Cost per Cloud Server
  • Cost per GB

Managed Cloud – Disaster Recovery – Cold Standby Servers

  • Replicate your Cloud Servers or On-Premise Servers
  • Powered by Veeam
  • Cold Standby VM’s or VDC
  • VM’s in a powered off state
  • Ability to power on 15 days per month
  • Lower cost for DR
  • Customised replication schedules
  • Integrate with backup schedules
  • Replicate from backup
  • Managed Service Options