• Discover what Laserfiche is and how it can help you automate common processes within your organization.

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  • Whether structured or unstructured, paper or electronic, audio or video, photograph or e-mail, Laserfiche does it all!

  • Laserfiche can both manage and process information—turning it into an asset that enables efficiency and smart decision-making organization-wide.

  • The Laserfiche suite of products enables highly customized, rapidly deployed and cost-effective solutions

  • Digitize and Automate entire processes like Accounts Payable and HR Onboarding


  • Save hours of staff time with rule-based workflows for simple tasks like renaming documents and emailing document changes.

Access all your documents across multiple platforms, anytime, anywhere!

In a 30 minute demo, you’ll see…

The capture, storage, security and workflow features you’ll get with Laserfiche.

How much more efficiently business processes like HR onboarding and A/P processing will run with Laserfiche.

    How employees in different positions in your organization can use the system to work smarter.

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