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Professional Document Scanning Services

professional scanning services

Your paper documents contain a lot of important information. So why keep that valuable information locked up in a store room making it difficult to find when you need it most? Having your paper documents accessible at the click of a button saves you and your staff many hours of frustration. No more digging around in dusty old store rooms and risking those nasty paper cuts. We will take the hassle out of scanning all your paper documents and do it for you.

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Recycle your paper documents!

Noscotek has built a powerful solution with LawTrust. Together we can provide you with a solution to scan and store old documents securely. We will then help you legally destroy or recycle the original documents. You will save on storage costs and even get some money back if you recycle!

What we offer

Hassle Free Scanning Solutions

No matter how small or how large your project, we offer a full range of services and will be happy to help. At Noscotek flexibility is a key factor. Our clients are all unique and have different requirements and budgets, so we tailor our document scanning to be as flexible as possible to cater to those needs. If you would like to have your archive scanned, or your client files at the click of a mouse where ever you are – then help is at hand.

Quality and Experience

We have many years of experience scanning documentation. All of our work is completed to the highest standard and we pride ourselves in offering quality document scanning services with competitive prices.

POPI Compliance

We implement our solutions to assist you with compliance with the new POPI Act.

Digital Signatures

Noscotek is an accredited reseller of LawTrust who is the security partner of choice for organisations in the areas of cryptographic based security. LawTrust currently provides the only electronic signatures recognized by South African Law and is accredited by the Department of Communication.